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XyWrite-Related Files

XyWWWeb Jumbo U2 – latest release
U2EXTRAS.ZIPU2 Extras (helper files)
changelog.pdfU2 changelog
Other downloads
ANSI1252.ZIPHelper files for ANSIfied XyWrite
GNU AspellWin32 version 0.50 setup
Aspell documentationCombined into a single TeXT file
BX.ZIPA tutorial on function BX: “blind execution” of commands in Xy4 and later
CTRLCHAR.ZIPCTRLCHAR.TXT: Classic (and essential) monograph on XyWrite control characters
GenPass.zipGenerate a strong password and save it to the Windows clipboard
goxy.zipRobert Holmgren’s goxy.exe utility for switching focus/sending keystrokes
RCI.PDFHelp file for RCI: Regular expression (regex) search-and-replace for XyWrite 4 (included in the Jumbo U2)
RTF-ZIP.EXEXy-to-RTF conversion for Xy3 and Xy4 (self-extracting archive)
IBMDICTS.ZIPCollecton of IBM spelling dictionaries (*.DIC)
SOWPODS.EXEScrabble SOWPODS Dictionary word|regex look-up
SOWPODSX.EXEScrabble SOWPODS Dictionary word|regex look-up for U2 frame SOWPODS
UNIQUE.BAT.txtOT: Windows BATch file technique for generating unique temp file names
VPT301.ZIPVGA Palette Tool, freeware from clySmic software (Ralph Smith)
woozley.pdfMary Bernard’s obituary of Nota Bene luminary Tony Woozley
XPL.PDFXyWrite Programming Language (XPL) User’s Guide
Xy4-Default-Colors.pngXyWrite 4 default colors
XPLENC.ZIPXPL Encode|Decode modules
XY4C.ZIPXY4C.ZIP: A working XyWrite 4 (DOS) setup, bundled with vDosPlus v5.01 and the Jumbo U2 (70 MB zipped, 111 MB unzipped)
Unzip all files into an empty directory (be sure to preserve the ZIPfile's directory structure!). At the Windows command prompt, command XY4.BAT to launch XyWrite 4
XyHistory.zipXyWrite lore in a dozen TeXTs|PDFs


EB1911.ZIPEncyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition (1911), Project Gutenberg/Internet Archive (97 MB zipped, 265 MB unzipped) (compare EB1911W.ZIP, below)
EB1911W.ZIPEncyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition (1911), Project Gutenberg/Internet Archive -- line-wrap version (line breaks removed, paragraph breaks retained), named with the .LEX extension for searching with U2 frame LEX (93 MB zipped, 258 MB unzipped)
LEXFILES.ZIPPackage of dictionary/thesaurus files (*.LEX) for searching with U2 frame LEX (23 MB zipped, 69 MB unzipped)
KJV.zipKing James Version of the Bible, and Apocrphya (eBible.org) (1.6 MB zipped, 5.3 MB unzipped)
Shakespeare.zipShakespeare, Complete Works (Project Gutenberg) (1.9 MB zipped, 5.5 MB unzipped)
WRNPC12.TXTTolstoy's War and Peace (Maude translation) (Project Gutenberg) (3.2 MB)